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Custom Made Machinery

Twin head sander Twin head sander

Two heads are better than one

Polyco, one of the UK's leading suppliers of window boards, needed a special purpose sander with two heads for sanding a "bull nose" profile continuously at high speed. We manufactured and supplied a special twin head machine which has two independent heads, which means that Polyco can change an abrasive belt while they continue to sand on the uninterruptible production line.

Drum Sander Drum Sander

Drum roll please

Percussion Drum manufacturer "Andante Ltd" came to us needing a special machine. The brief was to sand the longitudinal veneer grain on the surface of the drum.

We demonstrated how we intended to achieve the customer's finish with a simple mock-up and then designed and manufactured the end result.

Coffin Beading Press Coffin Beading Press

Special for the coffin industry

F.E. Harris called on Gibbs SandTech to solve a problem that had been plaguing them for years.

When a beading is stuck to the side of a coffin it often breaks at the shoulder when the side is bent round to form the coffin shape.

We resolved the problem by supplying an R.F. Coffin Beading Press. The press sticks the beading to the coffin side in a matter of seconds, but it craftily puts a bowed loop of beading where the shoulder area is to allow some give when the coffin side is bent round.

Floor Board Sander From planks to floor boards

Quickwood UK, run by the Gibbs group, has recently supplied some interesting machines.

The Plank Company took delivery of a modified Quickwood QL sander for sanding floor boards as they come out of the high speed moulder. As the boards are machined upside down we obviously had to supply an upside down machine. The majority of the sanding is on the bottom and a small amount on the top, giving a superior finish.