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Drying racks and Spray tables

The Prism Range

13 Bar Trolley Rack
16 Bar Trolley Rack
20 Bar Trolley Rack
25 Bar Trolley Rack


  • 500mm long bars.
  • Bars 550mm apart.
  • Max load 25kg per pair of bars.
  • Gap between bar pairs - 13 Bar Rack: 113mm, 16 Bar Rack: 85mm, 20 Bar Rack: 65mm, 25 Bar Rack: 50mm.
  • Heavy duty swivel castors.
  • Overall dimensions: W600 x D600 x H1880


  • Special Heavy Duty Nylon Castors giving a maximum payload of 400kg (25kg / pair of bars).
  • Fully welded construction which is coated for a durable quality finish.
  • 1mm thick replaceable Poly-Prop plastic sleeves and end bungs protect the work piece against accidents and allows easy cleaning of bars.
  • Unique nesting feature allows all different size racks to nest together when not in use.
  • Custom design to suit customers needs. Need longer bars? Wider upright centres? More uprights? Get in touch for a price.

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Expander Rack Expander Rack


  • 11 bars per upright.
  • 780mm long bars.
  • Soft plastic coated bars.
  • Working space between bars: 125mm
  • Max distance between bars: 1430mm.
  • Min distance between bars: 300mm.
  • 4 off 150mm dia swivel castors.
  • Max capactity 200kg.
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Budget Rack Budget Rack

The new budget rack is designed to be low cost and versatile. The central "2 way" seperator frame gives two oprions of sizes. The rack is supplied as a simple self assembly product.


  • 14 bars per upright.
  • Bars 500mm long.
  • Gap between bar pairs 85mm.
  • Bars can be 290mm or 600mm apart, depending on preference.
  • Overall height 1665mm.
  • Supplied with standard slide on Poly-Prop sleeves and end bungs.
  • Swivel castors for easy movement.
  • Unique central "2 way" separator.
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Standard Spray Table Standard Spray Table


  • The industry standard.
  • Adjustable in height, 690mm to 840mm.
  • 660mm diameter MDF top.
  • Fully welded constuction.
  • Tripod legs.
  • Super smooth bearings for easy rotation.
  • Extra robust design.
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Foot Operated Spray Table Foot Operated Spray Table


  • Spin by feet keeping hands free and clean.
  • Adjustable in height, 650mm to 1000mm.
  • Distance between opposing prongs 120mm to 680mm.
  • Design allows good air flow with no chance of paint 'bounce back'.
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Budget Spray Table Budget Spray Table


  • Adjustable in height, 600mm to 1000mm.
  • Flatpack design.
  • Fully rotating top.
  • Top 1000mm x 500mm.
  • Low price.
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Floor Mounted Spray Table Floor Mounted Spray Table


  • Disc always stays flat.
  • For heavy and awkward items.
  • Simple Floor Mounting.
  • Raise and lower to an position.

Hole-in-the-floor Spray Table Hole-in-the-floor Spray Table


  • Standard and special designs.
  • Goes flush with the floor.
  • Pneumatic design for safe operation.
  • Raise and lower to any position.