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Quickwood have developed a new sanding system using 100% recyclable materials


A brush 'core' that is made from recycled material.

The brush itself is made from 'Tampico', a natural fiber derived from the cactus plant.

Quick and easy to replace.

Very low weight gives lower shipping costs and less 'wear and tear ' on electric motors.


New brush 'pitch' reduces abrasive wear and extends usable lifetime.

Brushes can have single or double sided abrasive.

Double sided abrasive gives the advantage of being able to rotate the hub 180 deg. extending usable lifetime by 100%


If supplied with course grit on one side, fine grit on the other, reversing the rotational direction provides both course and fine sanding without having to change the hub.


All shaft sizes up to 60 mm dia. are available.

Supplied in any length between 50 mm and 1300 mm.

The laser cut abrasive strips have 'fingers' with rounded tips that preserve the profiles of the items being sanded or 'de-nibbed'.

The 'fingers' can be cut to any width from 3m, 5mm and up or any mix of widths.

Abrasive can be supplied in various 'Grits' from P60 to grit P600.

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Tel: +44(0)1920 822404

The ECO - Flex project was initiated to in order to offer an environmentally friendly, low cost sanding brush to both new and existing QuickWood customers. The project has been partly funded and is being delivered through the East of England Development Agency. The Rural Development Program for England (RDPE) is funded by Defra and the EU. For more information see

LEADER European Commision - Agriculture and Rural Development Eastern Plateau Defra