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Sanding Machines

BS 750 BS 750

The Gibbs Sandtech BS 750 is a twin-spindle Bobbin sander. The twin shafts allow a variety of sanding heads to be accepted.


  • Powerful 1hp 3-phase motor
  • Electronic variable spindle speed
  • Variable speed enables longer abrasive life and the best sanding results
  • Wide enough to work with two operators

Single Soft Form Sander Single Soft Form Sander

This machine offers the best of both worlds, superb sanding from the soft form head and the ability to de-nib with the other head.


  • Variable spindle speed
  • Long abrasive belt
  • Varying hardness of sponge drums
  • Variety of sanding heads available
  • Belt tracking
  • Belt tensioning

Double Soft Form Sander Double Soft Form Sander

The finest finish sanding with great blending ability. Ideal for chair component manufacturers. Long abrasive belts are used to keep the abrasive cool as it sands.


  • Variable spindle speed
  • Two soft form heads
  • Belt tracking
  • Belt tensioning
  • Wide enough to work with two operators
  • Smoothest finish results ever

Twin head sander Twin head sander

Two heads are better than one

Polyco, one of the UK's leading suppliers of window boards, needed a special purpose sander with two heads for sanding a "bull nose" profile continuously at high speed. We manufactured and supplied a special twin head machine which has two independent heads, which means that Polyco can change an abrasive belt while they continue to sand on the uninterruptible production line.

Drum Sander Drum Sander

Drum roll please

Percussion Drum manufacturer "Andante Ltd" came to us needing a special machine. The brief was to sand the longitudinal veneer grain on the surface of the drum.

We demonstrated how we intended to achieve the customer's finish with a simple mock-up and then designed and manufactured the end result.

Floor Board Sander From planks to floor boards

Quickwood UK, run by the Gibbs group, has recently supplied some interesting machines.

The Plank Company took delivery of a modified Quickwood QL sander for sanding floor boards as they come out of the high speed moulder. As the boards are machined upside down we obviously had to supply an upside down machine. The majority of the sanding is on the bottom and a small amount on the top, giving a superior finish.

S.T. Wheels S.T. Wheels

The S.T. Wheels sand and seal MDF edges and are comprised of a combination of resins impregnated with abrasive of various grits.


  • Virtually eliminates the need for de-nibbing
  • Shaped easily and quickly to match profile
  • Bonds with MDF resins, bonding fibres down
  • Eliminates a coat of lacquer from the spraying operation
  • Grits available 60 - 320

Carroll Sanding Heads Carroll Sanding Heads

A firm sanding head suitable for general sanding. Replacement abrasives can be simply clipped in place making it economical to use.


  • Quick and easy to replace sand paper
  • This sanding head can be used at high RPM

Rubber Blocks and Glue Rubber Blocks and Glue

6 - 8 and 10 - Block heads for profile edge sanding.


  • Easily shaped to your profile
  • Worn abrasive can be changed without need to re-shape blocks
  • Special bores to order


QN QD is discs of abrasive fingers interspaced with soft abrasive nylon brushes.


  • Gentle de-nibbing but stiff enough to sand deep grooves
  • Grit available from 120-400
  • The nylon brushes have a very long life
  • Available in various diameters
  • Staggered brushes for uniform brushing and sanding


The QW4 are pneumatic sanding rollers, which are versatile sanding tools that can be used for wood, metal, plastic, rubber and leather.


  • Inflated through a valve
  • Pressure dependant on the work piece to be sanded
  • Available in six sizes

HR Steel HR Steel

Suitable for opening the grain on oak for liming and stiffer steel can be used for distressing timber.


  • Brushes are made from special spring steel
  • Available in various grades and diameters

Quick Flex Quick Flex

Quick Flex is suitable for wood sanding, achieving a fine finish before applying a base coat as well as the de-nibbing of flat and contoured items.


  • Modular built sanding head
  • Each hub can be assembled to any length
  • Available in either 22, 28 or 44 segments
  • Brushes available 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 200mm
  • Grit available from 60-600
  • Flexible, easy to change and economic

Sisal and Leather Sisal and Leather

Sisal and Leather is used for polishing wax, giving a true shine without the hard work.


  • Long operating life
  • Available in different sizes and formats