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Material Handling

Ball Handling Table Ball Handling Table

Allows products to be spun and pushed in any direction. Balls available in rubber or polyurethane. Tables available in any size.

Laminate Trolley Laminate Trolley

For moving full sheets of laminate around busy workshops.

A-Frame Trolley A-Frame Trolley

Standard and special sizes available. Coated in long life soft carpet for protection.

Self Gripping Sheet Skate Self Gripping Sheet Skate

Simple self gripping skate to move panels around the workshop by one person effortlessly.

Vacuum Table Vacuum Table

Rotary and tilt action. Ideal for coffin lid assembly. Specials available.

Drying Racks

13, 16, 20 and 25 bar. Standard and specials available. To view the full range of racks, visit the Drying Racks page.