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Flat Panel

CS1 600 CS1 600

CS1 600

The low cost CS1 600 has one abrasive head above a 600mm wide conveyor belt. The abrasive head and conveyor belt are both variable speed. This power full denibber can also be fitted with coarse heads which will give a rustic effect.


CD2 Range

The CD2 is available in 600mm, 900mm and 1300mm wide.

The fully enclosed machine has 2 counter rotating abrasives brushes which are variable speed. The conveyor belt which can also be variable speed has top pressure rollers to hold the work piece down as it travels through the machine.

PDF Download the CD2 300 brochure in pdf format.



The TUD range of machines can abrade both top and bottom of the work piece in one pass. The 4 abrasive brushes (2 for the top face and 2 for the under side) and conveyor system are all variable speed. Available in either 600mm, 900mm and 1300mm wide.