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Laminating Presses

Mini Edge Jointer

Ideal for the kitchen industry, can be used for shuttle or through-feed operation.

Mini Edge Jointer Features

  • Alternative loading at each end
  • Either 1.5 kW or 4 kW R.F. Generator
  • Top and side pressure
  • Special size presses available

Edge Jointer

For laminating strips of timber into wider components. Glued components are laid up on the infeed table. These are then fed into the press and the finished load is pushed out onto the outfeed table.

Edge Jointer Features

  • R.F. cure times are from 40 seconds
  • Two versions available for Hardwood and Softwood
  • Top and side pressure
  • Special pneumatic sequence for tight joints and flat panels
  • Either 8 kW or 15 kW R.F. Generators available
  • Special sizes available
  • Power infeed available

R.F. Static Laminator

For laminating sections for window and door frames and structural timber members.

R.F. Static Laminator Features

  • Closing mechanism interlocked with the R.F. Generator
  • Cure times from 40 seconds
  • Push button controls on the equipment
  • Huge range of sizes available
  • Suitable for R.F. Generators with outputs of 6 kW, 12 kW and upwards

Single Tray Panel Press

Can be used for edge jointing, lipping and frame assembly.

Single Tray Panel Press Features

  • Single tray that is pulled out from the press for loading and unloading
  • Fixed fences to one side and one end
  • Top pressure via air hose units
  • Longer lengths can be jointed by curing in bites
  • Heavy fabricated steel construction
  • Suitable for hard and soft woods
  • Cure times from 40 seconds
  • Suitable for a 4 or 6 kW R.F. Generator