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Lipping Presses

Single Edge Lipping Press

For applying lippings to chipboard, solid core and MDF panels, or as an edge jointing press curing one glue line at a time.

Single Edge Lipping Press Features

  • Versatile
  • Standard length 8ft, specials up to 10ft
  • Open sided construction
  • No width restriction due to open fronted "C" frame
  • Removable top deck on platen for easy cleaning
  • Robust steel construction
  • Fully guarded
  • 1.5 kW, 4 kW or 6 kW R.F. Generator

Two Tray Lipping Press

Designed to apply and fix wood lippings to chipboard, blockboard and MDF.

Two Tray Lipping Press Features

  • Either straight or curved panels can be lipped
  • Fully equipped to lip on all four sides
  • Compact, well laid out
  • All hydaulic and electric controls easily accessible
  • Able to reload the second tray while the first tray is being processed
  • Can fix solid wood lippings to chipboard of virtually any shape and size up to tray nominal size
  • Two tray presses available up to 2800mm x 1500mm
  • 8 kW or 15 kW R.F. Generator

Double Edge Door Lipper

Designed to lip the two long edges and the two short edges of fire check doors.

Double Edge Door Lipper Features

  • Various sizes available
  • Standard model for doors up to 8ft long x 4ft wide x 2.5" thick
  • High speed line available and up to 5 doors lipped per minute
  • Automatic air control to close the press and start R.F. Generators
  • R.F. Generators each side of the press for rapid curing from 12 seconds
  • Automatic door ejector available
  • Automatic hopper feed system available
  • Special versions for end lippings available up to 3m x 3.2m x 100mm
  • 4, 6 or 8 kW R.F. Generators

Double Edge Gluespreader Double Edge Gluespreader and Hopper Feed

Available to go with the Double Edge Door Lipper for auto gluing and auto lipping application from the hopper.