Gibbs-Sandtech Ltd. also trading as Tregarne and Quickwood U.K.
Registered office Station Road, Braughing, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG11 2PB, England
Registered in England no. 4229844

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Custom made machinery
Radio Frequency Presses
Clamping technology
Gluing equipment
Drying racks and spray tables
MDF edge sanding
Sanding machines
Material handling
Rawhide Sanding Pads

Peg Board Clamping
Special Purpose Clamps
Woodwelder Repairs

Hand tools
Manual Machines
Moulding / Profiles
Flat Panel
Raised and Fielded Panels
High Gloss Polishing
White Wood Sanding
QuickWood Metal
Solid surface
Stack sanding
QuickWood Spray Machines
Vertical Denibbing
Special Machines
Stacking Devices
New ECO-Flex